About us

Who we are

Peninsula Energy supplies marine lubricants to the marine industry by delivering cost effective, reliable and premium quality products worldwide.

One of our greatest assets is our employees with their long term experience in the marine industry realizing that the whole marine structure is gathered to one simple target : responding to the vessel’s worldwide requirements on time, cost effectively, with premium quality products.

A strong network of suppliers consisting of majors, national oil companies, local blenders & distributors is established to serve this target.

Our Strengths

  • 24/7 service support
  • Tailor made offers to meet each customer needs
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Sourcing availability in any port on worldwide scale
  • Operation team monitoring your orders from nomination time till delivery receipt on hand
  • Service exceeding your expectations
  • Each customer is unique and so are his fleet needs

Who We Serve

  • Ship Owners
  • Ship Managers
  • Ship Charterers
  • Ship Chandlers
  • Ship Agents
  • Offshore Facilities
  • Shipyards and Drydocks
  • Other Resellers

Peninsula Energy is proud to introduce our new offerings in marine chemicals and ship management services, solidifying our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to the maritime industry.

Our range of marine chemicals is meticulously formulated to meet the diverse needs of vessel maintenance and operation. From cleaning agents and fuel additives to corrosion inhibitors and water treatment solutions, our specialized chemicals are designed to enhance performance, reliability, and safety on board.

We understand the importance of effective ship management in today’s competitive landscape. With our holistic approach, we cover key areas such as commercial management, operations management, technical management, crew management, purchasing management, catering management, training, and auditing. Our experienced professionals ensure smooth coordination of vessel activities, optimize operational efficiency, and drive cost-effectiveness.

With our comprehensive range of marine chemicals and ship management services, Peninsula Energy is poised to revolutionize the way you navigate the maritime landscape, providing integrated solutions that enhance performance, efficiency, and compliance while ensuring a safe and sustainable operation of your vessels.

Technical Service

Not only our contracted customers but also the non-contracted ones are entitled to technical services such as:

  • Lubricants samples analysis
  • Lubrication charts

Possible involved costs to be discussed upon request.

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